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How to Know If My Car’s Battery Is Dead?

Before calling professionals for jump start service, many car owners are unsure about their cars’ battery condition. They don’t if the battery is actually dead or there is any other problem that is preventing their cars to get started. Sometimes, car owners dial the number for road assistance without knowing the exact problem and end up paying for the service that they didn’t need.

If you are unsure about your battery condition and unable to decide whether you should call for jump start service or not, you should check for the following signs.

Check by starting your car– If the battery is perfectly fine, the engine cranks. It is a good sign. If you crank from the engine is slow, the problem is with a dying battery. If the engine doesn’t crank at all, the battery is already dead.

Check the headlights of your car– The brightness of the headlights of your car will tell about the involvement of the battery. If the headlights are bright, there isn’t any issue with your battery. If the lights are dim, your battery might be at fault and need to call jump start service

Check the functioning of power windows- The functioning of the power window depends on the performance of the battery. The power windows will function smoothly if the battery is charged. And if not, then the power windows will move slowly.

Other signs that show the battery is dead are a reduction in the horn volume, a dimming of the interior lights, and the lighting up of the battery light on the dashboard.

If you find these signs or experience these problems, you should call for jump start service immediately.

How to jump-start your car?

Sometimes, the issue is not as serious as it is seen. You might not need professionals for your car and can jump-start your car on your own. There are multiple methods that you can implement for the same.

Using another vehicle’s working battery 

You should find a car in good battery condition, whose driver is ready to help you. Without permission, you cannot use the battery from another car to start your car. You will have to follow a few steps to start your car using another car. But before that, you should have good quality jumper cables in your car.

Using a working battery 

If you have a working battery and jumper cables but don’t have a car, then there is nothing to worry about. To jump-start your car, you need a battery and not a car. If you have an extra battery in your car, it’s well and fine. Or, you should retrieve the working battery of any vehicle.

Push starting your car

Last and a traditional way to jump-start your car in the absence of a battery and roadside assistance is push-starting. You will need manual effort for the same so you should find a couple of people willing to help you out with this.

One important point to note:

Whether you call professionals for jump start service or follow a DIY approach, you should let your car run for 10-15 minutes after the process to let the battery charge from the engine. Or, your car will stop soon. At Coquitlam Tow Truck, we offer quality and affordable jump start service. To connect, call us at +1604-368-9003.

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